The Beauty of Culture and Nature of Lombok for Investment

In the month of independence, why don’t you explore new destinations that you haven’t visited in this beloved country, a country that is familiar with natural wealth and attraction so that many real estate in lombok. If invited to choose which is very good, certainly difficult, because each island has its own character and strangeness. Likewise with this one island, which recently began to skyrocket as a popular tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists, Lombok Island.

One of the largest islands in the province of West Nusa Tenggara is familiar with the beautiful natural panorama, and not too crowded with tourists. In Lombok, you can find beautiful underwater attractions, exotic beaches with charming white sand landscapes, to delicious and delicious culinary delights. Well, as inspiration for a vacation to better recognize the colors of our own country, we summarize six things that make Lombok the right destination for you to visit on the upcoming long weekend:

  1. Enjoy one of Indonesia’s underwater attractions near the three Gilis

As a maritime country, Indonesia has extraordinary sea wealth. One proof is in Lombok, which has a charming underwater charm. Not only enjoy the crystal clear sea water, you can find so many amazing marine biota, ranging from many types of marine fauna, to beautiful colorful coral reefs. For those who can feel all of this, you can dive or just snorkel near the three Gilis, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air, which is not infrequently a favorite of tourists.

No need to worry if you stay overnight in Lombok, because the three Gilis are very easy to reach from the island. You only need to go to Kodek Bay which is currently in Senggigi, where there is a travel agency providing diving or snorkeling tour package services. From Lombok Praya International Airport, you can get to Kodek Bay, which is 45 minutes away by taxi. Try to come early because a number of service providers here start their mornings in the morning and take full days.

  1. Witness the beautiful sunset in Pura Batu Bolong

Not only Bali, Lombok also has a beautiful temple on the edge of the beach, namely Pura Batu Bolong which is located on Senggigi Beach. This temple faces the Strait of Lombok and Gunung Agung in Bali. Nothing wrong if Pura Batu Bolong is among the best places to watch the sunset in Lombok. You can watch the beauty of the sunset slowly and make the temple silhouette. Not only that, the pounding waves and the fragrance of flower offerings at the temple, makes you able to find peace while being here. The location of Pura Batu Bolong is not far from Kodek Bay, which is 37 kilometers or 45 minutes if taken by motorized vehicle. So, after snorkeling or diving all day, you can take a break here.

  1. Don’t want to be outdone by foreign tourists, explore surfing at Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach has calmer waves, compared to other beaches in Lombok, like Desert Point or Bangko-Bangko Beach which is familiar with its ferocious waves. This is what makes the beach popular among beginner surfers. Don’t have any interest in surfing? Don’t worry, because the beach landscape is also beautiful. The coastline is one kilometer long, the texture of the sand is smooth, and becomes whiter and hardened when exposed to clear sea water. You can also do various interesting activities, like cycling on the beach or relax there while feeling the panoramic view of the beach surrounded by green hills. Selong Belanak Beach is in South Lombok, or for 60 kilometers from the city of Mataram. You can use public transportation and it takes two hours. For learning to surf, you can use the services of Kimens Surf, which offers short surfing services on this beach.

  1. Taste the delicious taste of the archipelago through typical culinary Lombok

Indonesia has a culinary that is rich in flavor. If you are a typical Indonesian foodie, then you must eat Lombok special food! One of them is Taliwang chicken. Its taste is spicy, unique, and rich spices, the charm of travelers who set foot in Lombok. The spicy seasoning that permeates the chicken is ready to shake your tongue and make you sweat. Add the spinach plecing as a side dish when eating this typical Lombok young hamlet chicken. There are still not a few culinary specialties of Lombok that are interesting and delicious, like satay bulayak, beef satay with special spices of Sasak tribe, or Pacuung rice, rice with side dishes of shredded chicken processed with chili, soybeans, sprinkles of dried shrimp.

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